What do you use paper towels for? Some can be dangerous to your health!

I used to use paper towels in all kinds of ways. I used paper towels as napkins, I used wet paper towel to to wrap fruit or produce to extend its life, I used it for cleaning, to pat dry fried foods, or to dry off dishes. Let's face it, they are convenient. Especially in a household with young kids. There is always a mess or spill to clean up!

Little did I know that most paper towels contain harmful chemicals used to make them more white or more absorbent. The 3 most prevalent chemicals present in paper towels (even the recycled kind...) are chlorine, formaldehyde, and BPA. These are very harmful toxins, and you can find out how bad by doing a simple online search. But in a nutshell, these chemicals are known for causing cancer, hormonal disorders, fertility and can even impair the immune system. 

If you're like me, becoming a partent meant bearing the responsibility of helping our kids thrive in a healthy environment. I thought I was doing my part by looking at food ingredients to provide my family with a healthy diet and minimize exposure to harmful additives, or using BPA-free plastic only, or washing clothes fragrance-free laudnry detergent. But who would have suspected that paper towels can be harmful? 

Worst part? Most foods will absorb residues from the surroundings, including paper towels used to handle them. This means that if you use paper towels around your food, it's likely that the food absorbs the chemicals in it and you and your loved ones then consume this food. Use it for dirty hands and mouths? Your skin absorbs a lot of chemicals that it comes in contact with. This means it is likely absorbing the chemicals in your paper towels. 

So what's the solution? Replace your paper towels with reusable towels. There is no way around it. It will be a little less convenient than tearing off a piece of towel, wiping the mess and throwing it in the trash. But you will be doing yourself, your loved ones, and Mother Earth a great service by making the switch.